Car Basics & Build Tips

Car Basics and Build Tips

Welcome to Build Your Own Race Car’s “Car Basics And Build Tips” knowledge guide.

We’ve put together this guide to help you learn the basics of cars and race or road car design, beginning with the essentials of handling and working our way through components and science used in racing and road cars. We hope that you will be encouraged to learn more about the fascinating world of car design and construction.

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Select from the menu below to start learning. The topics are best read in the order presented below, as each topic provides valuable insights into the one following.

Car Basics - Handling
Learn how vehicles handle based on their weight distribution and how to maximize handling performance. Go to Car Handling
Car Basics - Suspension
Learn about suspension types, components, characteristics and geometry plus how to maximize suspension performance. Go to Car Suspension
Car Basics - Chassis
Learn chassis types, how models can help, what materials are used and how to maximize chassis performance. Go to Car Chassis
Car Basics - Powertrain
Learn about the pros and cons of different powertrain configurations including motorcycle engines. Go to Car Powertrain
Car Basics - Aerodynamics
Learn how air flows around a car and how to use it and aero devices to maximize performance. Go to Car Aerodynamics
Car basics - Safety
Learn how to protect the driver/co-driver with safety devices like roll cages, energy absorption structures and more. Go to Car Safety
Car basics - Ergonomics
Learn how driver position, field of view, controls and gauges can help give the best driving performance. Go to Car Ergonomics

Ready to learn more?

If you’ve already got a race/road car type in mind, check out our Quick Start Guide. The quick start guide includes “First-read” books we recommend for each specific vehicle type.

Or, you can browse or search our complete, researched collection of car design, building and customizing books.