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Build Your Own Race Car! has created free car drawing and design tools to make designing your car easier (See below for more information on the drawing and design tools we offer.)

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Available Design Tools


Car Conceptual Drawing Template

The conceptual drawing template is designed to assist you in creating your vision of your race car, sports car or off-road truck. It comes in both an editable Microsoft Visio 2007 (.vsd) document or a printable Adobe PDF version. The template contains standard A4 pages with:

  • Poseable/adjustable scale driver mannequin stencils in various seating positions
  • Basic to-scale components including:
    • 600 cc motorcycle engine and small-block american V8
    • Examples of Formula SAE wheels/tires
    • 13" through 19" wheels/tires
    • ATV wheels/tires
    • Kart wheels/tires
    • Trophy Truck wheel/tire
  • Scale graph paper drawing pages (Metric/Imperial) for hardcopy or Visio drawing.
  • Simple sample conceptual drawing
The PDF version can be printed and the components cut-out/glued if desired. It is also useful for quickly sketching up ideas.

Attention Teachers! This template make a great teaching resource for encouraging students to express their creativity and learn design. The "Conceptual Drawing Template" Visio file includes everything a student needs to create a drawing of their own car concept:

  • A graph paper page on which students can create their car design
  • Pages with driver mannequin shapes and car parts which students can cut-out and paste to their graph paper page.

Car Component Worksheet

The component worksheet provides a list of common race car / road car components. It is used to manage the technical regulations, component brands/models and other information used in vehicle design and decision making.

It is available in both Excel 97-2003 (.xls) and Excel 2007 (.xlsx) formats, which are compatible with other freely available Microsoft Office-compatible suites such as LbreOffice or OpenOffice.

Car Design Processes

The design processes are step-by-step guides to designing and constructing your own race car, sports car or off-road vehicle. There are four different processes, depending on the type of car you want to build and whether:

  1. It uses a donor vehicle or is built from scratch
  2. Is built to sanctioning body regulations or to your own vision
Donor Vehicle with Regulations
Donor Vehicle to Your Vision
Scratch-Built with Regulations
Scratch-Built to Your Vision


Car Driver Stencils and Seating Positions

The poseable/adjustable scale driver stencils (or "mannequins") enable modeling of the driver profile in your car designs. Included are various car seating positions including:

  • Modern NASCAR
  • 1927 Bugatti Type 35
  • 1937 Mercedes W125
  • Modern F1
  • Sprint Kart
The stencils are available in various formats including Visio 2007 (.vsd), Visio 2007 Shape stencil (.vss), and Autocad (.dwg and .dxf formats).

Please note: These stencils are included in the Conceptual Drawing Template above as well.

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